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About Us

Bones Fork Creek

The band takes its name from Bones Fork Creek, a swampy area in the back woods of North Carolina, where the U.S. Army Special Forces conducts candidate Assessment and Selection as well as  other training for would be "Green Berets."

A testing ground for Special Forces, it's not a fun place to be. 

The Band

Rob, the lead vocalist, is a lifelong drummer/percussionist and also plays harmonica.

JT, guitarist and singer, honed his craft during down time on multiple combat deployments.

Jason, bassist and singer, has been in music since before his time in the Army and produces the band's music.


The band's first album Goat Tree (c) (p) 2016 was released by Exitus Stratagem Records and consists of these songs:

  • Finish the Fight
  • Carrying On
  • Time to Waste
  • Mefloquine Dreams
  • Rolling with the Heat
  • I See Light
  • Goat Tree
  • The Ballad of the Green Berets (Sadler, Moore 1966)

Contact the band

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We won't bother you incessantly or share your information. We can't stand that either.

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